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The State Building Code has been adopted by Greenbrier County. This means that proper building permits must be in place before any type of construction can begin. The building code is available for viewing and downloading on our web site.
All plans submitted shall be reviewed for code compliance under the following codes:

  • International Building Code (2018) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Plumbing Code (2018) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Fuel Gas Code (2018) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Existing Building Code (2018) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Residential Code (2018) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Property Maintenance Code (2018)
  • ICC/ANSI A.1.1 Standards for Accessibility & Usable Building & Facilities (2018)
  • National Electric Code (2020)
  • West Virginia State Fire Code
  • Energy Code (2015) with exception
  • ISPSC International Swimming Pool & Spa Code (2018)
  • NFPA Lift Safety Code (2021)

The following information must be submitted with your plans for review. Building permits will not be issued without plan review approval.

Greenbrier County Health Department approvals will be needed (i.e., septic permit number and well permit number), as well as WVDOH driveway permits, if applicable. Some major excavating work may require a NPDES permit from the State.

Residential Jobs

We need a completed application for permit, 1 set of plans or construction drawings, at least 1 site plan showing property lines, proposed driveway, footprint of proposed building and existing building, if any, direction of slope or site elevations, erosion control and surface drainage details. One set should be on job site at all times.

Commercial Jobs

We need 1 set of civil plans with site plans, demolition plans, if any, structural plans, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, elevations, sprinkler drawings, elevations, parking, storm water, erosion control drawings, spec books or other drawings that pertain to the project. The completed application should be completed in full with contact numbers for the owner, designers or contractors. Plans should indicate the use group, construction type, square footage, occupancy load and other calculations. All dimensions, ADA accessibility items. All jobs commercial must have plans certified by a registered design professional with the State of West Virginia.

Demolition Work

All demolition permits must have a copy of asbestos testing report and findings attached to the permit. If asbestos abatement is required, it should be removed by using safe work practices by qualified workers.

Ground snow load Wind speed (mph) Seismic Design category Subject to damage from Winter design temp Ice shield under-layment required Flood hazards Air freezing index Mean annual temp
Weathering Frost line depth Termite Decay
30 psf 115 C Severe 30″ M-H S-M 11 Yes 1/15/1988 664 51.9

Welcome to the Planning & Permits Department. This department is comprised of many other departments beyond the issuance of building permits. We are also responsible for compliance in the floodplain, zoning issues, subdivision approval, zoning appeals, farmland protection, GIS and dilapidated buildings and neglected properties.

The benefits of the Building Code Ordinance are many.

  • All construction, except for exempt structures, will now be inspected.
  • New construction will be in compliance with the international code.
  • The value of your investment increases due to compliance.
  • A property owner who can show that code requirements were strictly and consistently met – as demonstrated by a code official’s records, has a strong ally if something happens to trigger a potential lawsuit.
  • Public is protected from potential hazards of unsafe construction.
  • This helps eliminate the unlicensed contractors.
  • Homeowners are issued a Certificate of Occupancy after the final inspection.

What contractors need to know:

  • You will need to provide this office a copy of your current WV contractor’s license, WV business license, liability insurance and Worker’s Comp, if applicable. You will need to send this office a copy of the aforementioned upon renewals or if changes are made.
  • You will need to submit a copy of the building plans, site plans and a materials list.
  • You or the homeowner need to apply for septic and well permits. Septic and well permit applications are obtained at the Health Department in Fairlea. Their phone number is 304.645.1539. Building permits will NOT be issued until a copy of the septic permit is provided.
  • You will schedule inspections and re-inspections with the Planning & Permits Department at 304-647-6687.
  • The Building Code Official will issue the Occupancy Certificate.
  • Construction costing less than $2500.00 does not need a permit. However, if construction is in the floodplain, check with this office before building. If you build without first consulting this office, you will be in violation and subject to fines and/or jail time.  Call the office at 304.647.6687.
Please refer to the following checklist when applying for any type of building permit. These items will need to be provided to the Permits Department prior to the issuance of a building permit.

Note: Plans will be retained on file in the Permits Department during construction.

A permit is required for ALL construction or expansion of any structure within Greenbrier County. This is to include plumbing, gas, electrical and mechanical (i.e. mechanical systems that are permanently install and utilized to provide control of environmental conditions and related processes within buildings). At the tie of the permit application, the applicant will need to provide the following applicable information as a part of the permit application.


Properties are located and owners verified using the tax district, map and parcel numbers. This information will be requested at the time of permit application. You can find this information on your property tax documentation or if you need assistance, you may contact the Assessor’s Office or Map Room at 304.647.6615.

Physical Address

A physical address must be obtained from the Greenbrier County Emergency Communications Center (911 Office) for all new structures in the County. This address will be required for utility hookup, etc. To obtain a new physical address or confirm a physical address, contact the 911 Office at 304.647.7911. (Must be issued before the occupancy permit can be issued.)


For public sewer and water, a written certification documenting adequate water and sewer services will be required. This information can be obtained from the municipality supplying the water and either PSD 1 or 2, depending where you are located.

If you are installing a well and septic system, you must apply for both at the Greenbrier County Health Department.

To ensure that adequate systems are in place, well and septic permits will be required for existing systems, as well as new. It may be necessary for the applicant to provide the Health Department with the name of the person(s) that initially obtained the well and/or septic permits. The Assessor’s and/or County Clerk’s Offices may be able to provide assistance with the research needed to obtain the names of past owners.


According to FEMA regulation, all construction sites must be evaluated for proximity to the designated floodplain. A floodplain determination must be completed by the Planning & Permits Department and can be done at the time of the application. For additional information, you may contact the Greenbrier County Floodplain Manager at 304.647.6687.

If it is determined that the planned construction is located in the floodplain, in order to obtain a permit, you may be asked to provide information that includes but is not limited to the following: Elevation and dry flood proofing certificates certified by a registered professional engineer or surveyor; construction and site plans detailing the location, elevation methodology and flood proofing design.

NOTE: Dry flood proofing is for commercial buildings only.


Be advised that properties located in the following tax districts fall under the regulations of the Greenbrier County Zoning Ordinance: Fort Spring District (6) and Lewisburg District (9). Contact the Greenbrier County Planning & Permits Department at 304.647.6687 for details concerning zoning regulations.


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires a Construction Storm Water Permit for land/soil disturbance of one or more acres. For more information, visit or call 304.926.0499 ext. 1194.

Soil reports and wetland information is available from US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Services in Lewisburg at 304.645.6172.

Site Plan

A detailed site plan will be required. It will need to show the property lines, the foot print of the building, any existing structures, proposed driveways, surface drainage discharge and erosion control if needed, lot size, slope of the ground, wells, utility taps, septic system areas, streams, roads and any other applicable information. Hand drawn plans are permitted for residential jobs only.

Design Plan

You will need to submit 2 sets of design plans, specifications or construction documents that include the designer’s contact information. Hand drawn plans may be submitted for residential work if submitted with a materials list. One set will be retained on file with the department while the work is in progress.

A great building must begin with the unmeasurable, must go through measurable means when it is being designed and in the end must be unmeasurable.  Louis Kahn

For your convenience, links have been provided for various ordinances, minor/major subdivision and exemption forms, to name a few.


State Building Code
Flood Plain Ordinance
Adult Entertainment
Dilapidated Building
Subdivision Ordinance
Telecommunications Tower Ordinance
Greenbrier County Building Code


Minor Subdivision
Minor Subdivision Exemption

BZA Forms

Petition for Variance or Special Exception

Other Downloads

FEMA elevation certificate
Map of West Virginia


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