Planning & Permit

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   Welcome to the Planning & Permits Department. This department is comprised of many other departments beyond the issuance of building permits. We are also responsible for compliance in the floodplain, zoning issues, subdivision approval, zoning appeals, farmland protection, GIS and dilapidated buildings and neglected properties.

The benefits of the Building Code Ordinance are many.

  • All construction, except for exempt structures, will now be inspected.
  • New construction will be in compliance with the international code.
  • The value of your investment increase due to compliance.
  • A property owner who can show that code requirements were strictly and consistently met – as demonstrated by a code official’s records, has a strong ally if something happens to trigger a potential lawsuit.
  • Public is protected from potential hazards of unsafe construction.
  • This helps eliminate the unlicensed contractors.
  • Homeowners are issued a Certificate of Occupancy after the final inspection.

What contractors need to know:

  • You will need to provide this office a copy of your current WV contractor’s license, WV business license, liability insurance and Worker’s Comp, if applicable. You will need to send this office a copy of the aforementioned upon renewals or if changes are made.
  • You will need to submit a copy of the building plans, site plans and a materials list.
  • You or the homeowner need to apply for septic and well permits. Septic and well permit applications are obtained at the Health Department in Fairlea. Their phone number is   304.645.1539. Building permits will NOT be issued until a septic permit number is obtained.
  • You will schedule inspections and re-inspections with the   Robert Ford. 304-647-6681 or 304-646-9630
  • The Building Code Official will issue the Occupancy Certificate.
  • Construction costing less than $2500.00 does not need a permit. However, if construction is in the floodplain, check with this office before building. If you build without first consulting this office, you will be in violation and subject to fines and/or jail time. Call   Ellie Weikle at   304.647.6687