Day Report

General Information

Days of Operation

The GDRC office is open daily, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. with some evening classes being held until 8:00 p.m.; Saturdays consists of community service work and Sundays are considered bonding-with-family day.

Closings for legal holidays or other reasons will be posted in the GDRC lobby in advance of the events.

Emergency Contacts

If you must contact GDRC staff during non-duty hours, weekends, evenings, etc., for EMERGENCIES, you may (304) 647.1389 to leave a message. Please note that GDRC staff will not be available to immediately return your call. Collect calls cannot be accepted by GDRC staff.

ARREST(S)/NEW CHARGE(S) are NOT considered emergencies requiring contact with GDRC staff on weekends or evenings. These must be reported within two (2) working days of said arrest(s)/new charge(s) and can wait until the next business day to report. Report an arrest, etc., as soon as possible during our normal working hours.

Daily Participation Fee

A participation fee will be charged for each day’s attendance at GDRC programming. At the current time this fee is fifteen dollars ($15.00) per week. The fee is not currently charged to GDRC clients who are also on home incarceration and paying a daily home incarceration fee. If the daily participation fee is increased, the client will be notified in writing of the amount of the new daily fee. The client will also be notified in writing if the current policy of not charging home incarceration clients the GDRC participation fee is changed to start assessing the fee.

Consent for Disclosure of Information

In order to be accepted into the GDRC program, clients must sign a release of information form to enable GDRC staff to contact the client’s doctor or other medical professionals, probation officer, home incarceration officer, prosecuting attorney, judge or magistrate to obtain and provide information relevant to participation in the GDRC programming.


  • The Director and staff of the GDRC will treat the client with respect and deal with them honestly. Likewise, the Director and staff expect the same courtesy from the client.
  • Clients are expected to report on time and check in with a GDRC staff person upon their arrival at the GDRC.
  • Clients are expected to attend and participate in all assigned meetings, classes, groups and community service assignments.
  • Clients are expected to contact all staff prior to an absence or late arrival.
  • Lastly, the staff of the GDRC, Probation Officers and Home Incarceration Officers of Greenbrier County all work together not only to insure the safety of the public but also work together to ensure that each client has an opportunity to improve his/her life. Therefore, we hope and expect that clients will give their best effort every day. Ultimately, the amount of effort put into the programming will determine what is gotten out of it.