Prosecuting Attorney

General Info

   Phone: 304.647.6616 – Fax: 304.647.6671

   The Prosecuting Attorney is the lawyer for the people elected by the people. The PA is elected for a 4-year term and is a full-time position. Outside employment is prohibited in Greenbrier County. He/she must be admitted to practice law in West Virginia by the term’s begin date.

The Prosecutor appoints his/her Assitant Prosecutors. This office’s main responsibility is to prosecute all crimes committed within Greenbrier County, both misdemeanors and felonies.

The PA works with law enforcement officers during an investigation of all criminal cases and other law violations. He/she determines if criminal charges should be filed, as well as plea negotiations, pre-trial hearings, trials, sentencing hearings and appeals.

The PA’s office acts as legal advisor to the County Commission and other county officials and is the chief legal officer of Greenbrier County by preparing contracts and other documents. This office has areas of responsibility in both criminal and civil cases; files civil suits for county agencies and defends county agencies in civil actions.

The Prosecuting Attorney tries cases before magistrate and circuit judges; presents information to the Grand Jury for indictment of persons in connection with criminal actitiy; represents the Department of Health and Human Resources in child abuse and neglect cases, as well as child support and represents the State in juvenile delinquency cases.

This office may also be called upon to assist the state Attorney General in state legal actions within the county.

The Prosecuting Attorney’s office must be kept open during elections and be available to advise election officials and/or answer questions from the public.