Planning & Permit

General Info

Permits are not an option

   The State Building Code has been adopted by Greenbrier County. This means that proper building permits must be in place before any type of construction can begin. The building code is available for viewing and downloading on our web site.
All plans submitted shall be reviewed for code compliance under the following codes:

  • International Building Code (2015) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Plumbing Code (2015) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Fuel Gas Code (2015) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Existing Building Code (2015) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Residential Code (2015) (with legislative rule exceptions)
  • International Property Maintenance Code (2015)
  • ICC/ANSI A.1.1 Standards for Accessibility & Usable Building & Facilities (2009)
  • National Electric Code (2014)
  • West Virginia State Fire Code

The following information must be submitted with your plans for review. Building permits will not be issued without plan review approval.

Greenbrier County Health Department approvals will be needed (i.e., septic permit number and well permit number), as well as WVDOH driveway permits, if applicable. Some major excavating work may require a NPDES permit from the State.

Residential Jobs

We need a completed application for permit, 3 sets of plans or construction drawings, at least 1 site plan showing property lines, proposed driveway, footprint of proposed building and existing building, if any, direction of slope or site elevations, erosion control and surface drainage details.

Commercial Jobs

We need 3 sets of civil plans with site plans, demolition plans, if any, structural plans, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, elevations, sprinkler drawings, elevations, parking, storm water, erosion control drawings, spec books or other drawings that pertain to the project. The completed application should be completed in full with contact numbers for the owner, designers or contractors. Plans should indicate the use group, construction type, square footage, occupancy load and other calculations. All dimensions, ADA accessibility items. All jobs over $50,000 must have plans certified by a registered design professional with the State of West Virginia.

Demolition Work

All demolition permits must have a copy of asbestos testing report and findings attached to the permit. If asbestos abatement is required, it should be removed by using safe work practices by qualified workers.

Ground snow load Wind speed (mph) Seismic Design category Subject to damage from Winter design temp Ice shield under-layment required Flood hazards Air freezing index Mean annual temp
Weathering Frost line depth Termite Decay
30 psf 115 C Severe 30″ M-H S-M 11 Yes 1/15/1988 664 51.9