Day Report


The Greenbrier Day Report Center operates with a system of imposed penalties for violations of day report center rules. Failure to comply with GDRC rules and/or your IPCC will constitute a violation. Clients who commit violations are subject to one or more of the following: verbacl reprimand, written reprimand, increase in community service, increased unsatisfactory reporting requirements and/or program dismissal with return to sentencing judge or magistrate.

Major Violations

A major violation may result in termination from the GDRC program and the issuance of a warrant. Some examples of major violations include, but are not limited to the following, to-wit:

  • A new criminal offense.
  • Stealing property from the GDRC or a community service site.
  • Absconding [which is defined as a period of one (1) day, twenty-four (24) hours or more for which your whereabouts are unaccounted for or unknown to the GDRC staff].
  • Threatening/abusive language, assaultive behavior or threatening with and/or use of weapons or objects that may be used as weapons.
  • Repeated minor violations.
  • Failure to notify GDRC staff of new arrest(s)/charge(s) within two (2) working days of said arrest(s)/charge(s).
  • You do not submit to a PBT (Portable Breath Test) for alcohol testing or failure to provide a urine sample for drug testing when requested.
  • Any positive urine drug screen or positive PBT alcohol test, received after the initial urine drug screen taken during assessment.
  • Interference with operation of the Greenbrier County transportation vehicles.

Minor Violations

A minor violation may result in sanctions, such as additional reporting requirements, imposition of additional community service hours or other amendments to your IPCC. Examples of minor violations include but are not limited to the following, to-wit:

  • Derogatory or insulting remarks directed to or made about staff members.
  • Clients do not constructively participate in programming, including off-site programming or community service.
  • Clients do not attend programming, including off-site programming or they do not perform community service as scheduled.
  • Clients do not report or call if changes occur in their schedule.
  • Clients do not follow their daily schedule.
  • Clients do not call the GDRC to notify staff if they are unable to attend programming, including off-site programming or community service, but rather fail to show up and do not call (referred to as “No Call/No Show”).
  • Clients do not notify staff of changes in their living or work situations.
  • Clients do not comply with GDRC rules and regulations or the condition of their IPCC
  • Clients disrupt a group or individual session which warrants their removal from the group or individual counseling session. This includes disruption of off-site programming.
  • Clients call for a van ride and then do not show up at their designated pick-up site.

An incident report will be completed whenever a violation of GDRC rules occur. GDRC staff will determine, with the approval of the GDRC Director, the sanction to be imposed. Repeated minor violations will be considered a major violation and will result in the same sanction as a major violation. One of the following sanctions will be imposed, depending upon the seriousness of the violation:

  • Written reprimand placed in file.
  • Written reprimand with imposition of sanctions, such as additional community service hours, written report and/or oral presentation concerning a topic chosen by GDRC staff. A copy of the reprimand will be sent to your probation officer and/or home incarceration officer.
  • Written reprimand with notice of the violation sent to the prosecuting attorney requesting that the client be taken back before the court, which handed down the sentence to participate in the GDRC program.
  • Dismissal from the GDRC program. A letter will be sent to the prosecuting attorney advising of the client’s dismissal from the program and requesting that alternative sentence to the GDRC be revoked and that the client be required to serve their underlying jail or prison sentence.

Even though the above sanctions are listed in order of severity, if the client’s first violation is a major violation then they could be dismissed from the program without first having had a less severe sanction imposed. If the violation involves an incident in the transportation vehicle, the client will lose their privilege to ride with the day report staff and they will be required to find transportation to and from GDRC.

Failure to keep in touch with GDRC staff and failure to keep GDRC staff honestly advised of problems, concerns, changes and other matters affecting GDRC participation and life in general, are very often the reason clients are unsuccessfully discharged from the GDRC. Clients must remember to KEEP THE STAFF ADVISED OF WHAT IS GOING ON IN THEIR LIVES.