Day Report


The Greenbrier Day Report Center provides transportation to Greenbrier County clients who do not have a driver’s license and who do not have any other means of transportation to and from the GDRC. Being sentenced to the GDRC does not guarantee that transportation will be provided. Transportation is a privilege that will be taken away if the client violates any of the transportation program’s rules. Eligibility for transportation will be advised at the time the GDRC contract is signed.
Eligibility to transport may change during the client’s time at the GDRC. Therefore, the client is to advise the staff immediately of any change in their status that may affect their eligibility for transportation.

Eligibility Criteria for Transport

  • A license to operate a motor vehicle has been suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • There is no other means of transportation to and from the GDRC.

Daily Call-in Requirements

Transports will not automatically occur every day. Clients will not be picked up if they do not call the GDRC to advise for the need of a ride. Do not depend on another client to call for transportation and expect transportation based upon reliance that another client has made the call for a ride.

Calling for transportation and then not showing up is a minor violation and will be written up as such. If, after calling, the client fails to show up for a ride on two occasions, privileges of transportation will be revoked. The client will be required to find their own way to the GDRC.

Route and Pick-up Schedule

  • Pick-up schedules and locations for transportation will be updated as needed to reflect changes due to clients entering and exiting the GDRC program. Clients will be notified whenever changes are made in the schedule. The van will wait at a designated pick-up site for no more than five (5) minutes before continuing to the next location.
  • If, for whatever reason, the van does not run on a particular day, clients are responsible for getting thier own transportation to the GDRC on that day. You will be notified whenever transportation is not available.

Rules of Conduct While Riding

  • Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are not permitted in the vehicle. Clients will not be permitted in the vehicle if they have alcohol or a controlled substance in their possession.
  • Clients will not be permitted in the vehicle if the driver is of the opinion that the client is under the influence of alcohol. Clients will also be denied permission for transport if the driver smells alcohol on them.
  • Clients will not be permitted in the vehicle if their behavior and actions indicate they are under the influence of a controlled substance. A controlled substance is a substance as defined and listed in Articles 1 and 2 of Chapter 60A of the West Virginia Code (60A-1; 60A-2-1 et seq), as amended.
  • Clients will not be permitted to ride in the vehicle if they are combative or verbally abusive to the driver or another passenger.
  • Clients will be removed from the vehicle if they interfere, or attempt to interfere, with the operation of the vehicle in any manner.
  • Clients are not permitted to eat, drink, smoke or chew tobacco while riding in the vehicle.

The driver is authorized to stop and remove any passenger(s) who, in the driver’s opinion, is causing a disturbance which interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle. A violation of any of the vehicle rules of conduct will result in being permanently prohibited from transportation and will be written up as a major violation.