Day Report


Hours of Business: 8:30 – 4:30 Monday thru Friday *Closed Holidays

Background Information

The GDRC is a community-based correctional program that has been designed to provide services for its clients for a minimum of twelve (12) weeks to a maximum of one (1) year. The GDRC’s programming is more intense than regular probation or home incarceration supervision. The requirements for reporting and contacts differ substantially. In addition, the opportunity to make real progress and to obtain needed skills is more readily available at the GDRC.

The GDRC staff consists of the Director, Assistant Director,Substance Abuse Counselors, Cognitive Counselors, Education Instructions, Administrative Assistant, Lab Director, Lab Assistant, Community Service Supervisorand Client Supervisors. The GDRC staff works daily with the probation staff, drug court staff, Home Incarceration, Community Service Officers, and pre-trial programs in Greenbrier County to coordinate your supervision in the community.

Referrals to the GDRC are done through one of the following methods;

  • Ordered by a Circuit Judge as a condition of probation, home incarceration or pre-trial release.
  • Ordered by a Circuit Judge as a direct sentence.
  • Ordered by a Magistrate as a direct sentence or as a condition of bond or home incarceration.
  • Referral from Prosecuting Attorney as part of a diversion agreement.
  • Ordered by the Bureau of Prisons or Department of Corrections as part of their re-entry program.

The primary purpose of the Greenbrier Day Report Center staff is to develop a program of counseling and instruction that addresses the client needs while at the same time addressing issues of public safety. Many of the services needed to assist clients in making a successful transition from probationer to private citizen are available here, in one location, at the Greenbrier Day Report Center. The staff will conduct assessments in order to identify particular needs and the services that may be required to address those needs. Frank and honest participation in these assessments is necessary to ensure cases are evaluated as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

Clients are encouraged to talk with the staff if any problems or questions arise. Only the client controls whether or not their time at the GDRC is beneficial to them. What they get out of a program is dependent upon what they are willing to put into it.

The staff sincerely hope this program will be of genuine help to clients.