Elections are held every even year in the State of West Virginia, while presidential elections are held every four years. Polls open at 6:30 a.m. and do not close until 7:30 p.m. You can request up to 3 hours off from your employer, without taking leave or a deduction of pay, if you do not have at least 3 hours before or after work that you can go to the polls to vote.


Before running for office, you will need to decide which office best suits your qualifications. All candidates for county offices must be qualified voters. Some offices have special requirements in order to be able to run. They may include, but are not limited to, age and residency. Residence for voting and candidacy means where you live the majority of the time. Being away temporarily, such as for school, temporary work assignments, weekend or winter home, may not end your residence in a place. However, your residence is not a business address, an extra place you own or a place you stay occasionally. The deadline for establishing a residence varies from office to office. To find out more, visit

The period for filing for candidates wishing to run for office is from January 14 until midnight on January 26. You must complete a certificate of announcement and return it to either the Secretary of State for all offices on the ballot in more than one county or to the County Clerk's office for all offices on the ballot for only Greenbrier County. You may mail your certificate of announcement and filing fee but it must be received during the filing period or bear a legible US postmark with a date no later than January 26. The candidate must also fill out a personal financial disclosure with the WV Ethics Commission within 10 days of filing their certificate of announcement. The period for disclosing personal finances is between January 14 and February 5.

After you have decided on the office you want to run for, have completed and returned the certificate of announcement and filed your personal finance disclosure, you must submit the appropriate filing fee. The filing fee is 1% of the salary of the position. These salaries may be obtained by contacting the County Clerk at 304.647.6603.

If you should change your mind about running for office, you may withdraw by sending a signed and notarized statement of withdrawal. Check with the Election Office for deadline for withdrawal.

Positions on the ballot are drawn on Tuesday following the deadline. The drawing will take place in the Greenbrier County Clerk's office at 9:00 a.m. Check with the Election Office for the date of drawing of the ballot.

For more information on running for office, visit the election site on the West Virginia Secretary of State web site at

For further information, see press release below.


Registering to Vote

You may register to vote at the Greenbrier County Health Department, 9207 Seneca Trail South, Ronceverte; Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR), 150 Maplewood Avenue, Lewisburg; Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), 148 Maplewood Avenue, Lewisburg; and the Greenbrier County Clerk's Office, 200 Court Street North, Lewisburg.

In order to register to vote, you must bring proof of your Greenbrier County residency. Post office boxes are not proof of your physical address. You may find your physical address on your driver's license, state ID, a utility bill or bank statement.

Check with the Election Office for deadline for turning in your voter's resgistration form.


You must have established residency 30 days prior to election day.

Anyone in the military or who is unable to vote on election day may vote absentee ballot by mail. Your application to vote by mail must be received no later than the 6th day before the election. You may apply as early as 8 weeks before the election (or January 2 for military or overseas voters for the primary election and August 12 for general), but the ballot will not be ready for mailing to you until 6 weeks before the election. Unless you are voting absentee by mail because of illness or disability, the ballot must be mailed to an out-of-county address. Check with the Election Office for deadline dates for absentee voting.

If you choose to, you may vote early in person at the Greenbrier County Courthouse.


Polling Places

PLEASE NOTE: Some precincts have been combined with other precincts.

Precinct 23 and 27 are now Precinct 23

Precinct 8 and 11 are now Precinct 8

Precinct 10 and 47 are now Precinct 47

Precinct 61 and 65 are now Precinct 65

Precinct 54 and 56 are now Precinct 56

Precinct 48 and 64 are now Precinct 64

Precinct #


Polling Place

01 Alvon Anthony's Creek Fire House
07 Asbury Asbury Community Building
08 Alderson Alderson Community Center
14 Renick Renick Fire House
21 Mayor's Office Ronceverte City Hall
23 East Fairlea Greenbrier East
24 High School Ronceverte Community Building
29 Frankford Frankford Elementary
31 Vago Enon Family Life Center
34 Organ Cave Organ Cave Community Building
37 Brooklyn Organ Cave Community Building
41 Courthouse Courthouse
42 Richlands Calvary United Methodist Church
43 Maxwelton Clifton Presbyterian Church
45 American Legion Building Lewisburg Elementary
46 School House Lewisburg Elementary
47 Meadow Bluff Smoot Elementary
50 Sewell Valley Little Sewell Baptist Church
51 Kieffer Western Greenbrier Middle School
52 Rainelle Rainelle Elementary
56 Quinwood Crichton Elementary
63 Charmco Greenbrier West
64 West Rupert Rupert Community Building
65 Greenbrier Rainelle City Hall
72 Mayor's Office White Sulphur Elementary
73 Drewery Meadow White Sulphur Elementary
74 Jericho White Sulphur Elementary
75 East White Sulphur White Sulphur Elementary
78 Hughart Clintonville Community Building
79 Williamsburg Williamsburg Community Center

Anyone interested in being a poll worker, please contact Paula Dunford at 304.647.6601.

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